My pages were filled with the most beautiful thoughts,

though now everything seems to be lost.

The blank papers, where we once scribbled a lot,

reflect the emptiness of my heart

right after we parted.

My eraser's washing off your trace

but can't get rid of what were transparently engraved.

Like a pencil without lead,

me without you, it's pointless

Sun in winter,

Flower in fall,

Wind in summer,

Lover in spring,

Ring my doorbell,

Fell in my heart,

Art of my tale,

Hell cannot part;

That's what you are,

Simple as that.

Together start,

Forever last.

Feelings happen only in the moment and feelings persist as a result of how well the memory of that moment lasts. Feelings also fade, strengthen or alter as more moments occur and new memories are replaced.
If there are no new moments then that feeling maintains or weakens as memory of the moment fades. For example, if you dislike someone for their hairstyle, that feeling only happens because of the moment you saw that person's appearance and this feeling remains because that moment is kept in your mind (memory). If the next day, you see the person with a different hairstyle which is more favorable, then this moment get merged with the one from yesterday and they compromise a new feeling depending on how strong the new moment is. 
As water is to fish
As you are to me
I'm lost in your ocean
Drowning in your sea
The path to your heart
I'm struggling to define
Which way should I start
To break the ambiguous line?

Is it really fine
to have these feelings?
Are they truly right?
Should I erase everything?

Perhaps I am casted
Under your invisible spell
How long will it last?
'Cause Im going through hell

But I'd rather be wrong
If loving you isn't right
Bewitchment may prolongs
Against you, I cannot fight

Everywhere I swim
You entail my shape
The touch of your warmth
I can never escape

Without you, I can't breathe
My fate you can decide
Dead or alive, I'll be
In your embrace, by your side

The sea may be blue
With you not, it's grey
"love", I didn't have a clue
Of its meaning, til this day


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